The past has always meant something more to Troop Brenegar. Before he could ride a bike, he was already checking out every Civil War hardback he could from the local library. He also loved stories from the same age. Most of his early attempts at writing, made with accompanying drawings on pilfered paper or on backs of church bulletins, involved copious amounts of soldiers, spies, and exclamation points. It is no coincidence, then, that stories and the past should come together at last in his work.

From his long love affair with history to his travels overseas, Troop has taken a keen interest in the manifold forms of civilization, how they are conducive to the good life, and how they come out in the character and actions of people. But he has written his first book about home -- North Carolina -- because it is home, and only from there can we understand anything else.

When not immersed in his writing, Troop likes to to chuck modernity and go climb on top of stuff in the woods.

Shoot him a line: troop dot brenegar AT gmail dot com